Beliefs and Values

As the Administrator and Owner of Extending Lovable Living Assistance, ELLA, my mission is to provide the elderly with the best medical care possible. Our home is nestled in impeccably peaceful surroundings, that your loved one will undoubtedly learn to love and call home. We have spared no expense in the design and maintenance of this custom home! You will quickly see what sets ELLA apart! 

Elderly Advocates

At ELLA we are aware that each individual is unique, therefore our focus is on the "whole person". We support and empower our residents to function as independently as possible in order to facilitate them achieving and maintaining their highest quality of life. Nevertheless, as they age in place, our team of professionals is with them providing support in a way that their dignity is not compromised.

Peace of Mind

My mission is to provide the elderly population with as much support and peace of mind as possible. It is the same for their family members who are entrusting their loved ones life in our care. We at Extending Lovable Living Assistance know, from experience, how daunting it is to realize that your loved one has no one but you to look after them. Their life literally depends on the decisions that you make. On the other side, you love this person with all of your heart and do not want to let them down. 

I take pride in knowing that ELLA has the ultimate support system in place for our residents, allowing their families to live their lives to the fullest. With our support, our resident's family members are able to function freely and have the opportunity to live a balanced life. The guilt of neglecting the aging family member or not being capable of caring for them is removed.