Ultimate Medical Care


With more than 3 decades of medical experience, low staff to resident ratio and the individualized care that we provide to our residents, we are poised on the front line, eager to provide our residents with the best preventive medical care. Our goal at ELLA is to maintain standards for disease prevention, to avoid or to reduce the need for disease treatment. If treatment of a disease is necessary, we are actively involved throughout the healing process. Here at ELLA we work closely with our medical team to provide your loved one with the highest level of care which promotes their highest quality of life.

Hydroponic Gardening/ Healing Garden/ Nutritional Meals

Our residents enjoy eating many nutritional meals, supported largely from our garden. We carefully focus on each resident's individual health need. Then, take pride in growing specific organic vegetables to support their healthy living. Because we grow organically, our fruits and vegetables  are higher in nutrients than what is typically found in grocery stores. Our residents eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate, iron, magnesium, carotenoids, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Come visit our "Healing Garden". 



Cognitive Stimulation


Here at "Extending Lovable Living Assistance" we are proactive about our resident's care. We are advocates of mental and body stimulation. Maintaining a regimen of regular exercise helps boost energy, maintain independence and manage symptoms of illness or pain. It has been proven that exercise reverses some of the symptoms of aging. Exercise is not only good for your body, it is a lso good for your mind, memory and mood. 

Luxurious Living

Extending Lovable Living Assistance is not only designed to provide your loved one with the best uncompromising medical care, this Residential style assisted living facility is equipped with state of the art security to support clean and cozy custom living. While your loved one is receiving the highest level of care they will be pampered with luxury and love.


Botanical Gardening


ELLA provides a unique and tranquil environment not only inside but outside as well. Our residents have the opportunity to be in their own private park to comfortably walk around and experience all that nature has to offer. We have our own Botanical Garden, Hydroponic Garden, aka: "The Healing Garden", peaceful trails to safely walk and an amazing fully enclosed lanai area to relax and experience all that wildlife has to offer. Our private outdoor sanctuary was designed to provide a rich, overall experience that promotes relaxation.