"There could never be a home that I would prefer above the home that I once shared with my late wife. However, if I had to be anywhere else outside of sharing my life with my deceased wife, there would be no other place I would rather be than here."

           -Benjamin. K

"With all the things considered, in this day and age, its hard to find a company you an trust.Extending Lovable Living Assistance was recommended to me by a friend, and now i know why... the quality of service i receive is outstanding. Keep up the good work !"                 

 -Resident of the facility

 I really wanted to keep my mother in the home with me, as most of us do.But By the Grace of God, my Brother found a place as close to home as you can get. Mr. and Ms. Robinson treat my mother as if she was their own. I am very comfortable with the level of care and love my mother is receiving.

-Marcia. R

They are awesome .They are very good people and have a great personality towards my mother. She is treated with kindness.,love, and respect. The best thing I like is that I don't have to worry about her. AND IF MY MOTHER GETS SICK I GET A PHONE CALL AND KEEP ME POSTED.

-Myrtle. R

"When i first heard about my cousin being placed in an Assisted Living Facility, I immediately thought of all the negative connotations that are commonly affiliated with many types of residential settings. However, after visiting him on several occasions at your facility, I am proud to say it is unlike any other that I have been exposed to. Your facility is immaculate, the people you care for are all well-groomed. It is apparent that they feel at home. Since my cousin has lived at your facility he looks better physically as well as mentally. When I visit him there, it is a pleasant experience. Seeing your staff balance professionalism, love, affection and attention towards assisting disabled individuals is confirmation that serving others is your facility is instrumental to him maintaining quality of life. Thank you for all that you do."


 Extending Lovable Living Assistance (ELLA) has been a blessing for my friend Joe. He has been in several other places and not only were they not a good fit, he kept getting sick and being hospitalized.  Barbara and Fred have not only kept Joe out of the hospital, they have taken care of him as if he were family. Their so professional with their business how they run it. Yet their warm, personal touch is always evident in every way they care for Joe. Everything from the activities to their friendship has helped Joe thrive in a lot of ways. His physical, mental and spiritual self has grown and flourished due to this place. Its a beautiful thing to see someone remain so healthy that wasn't expected to live just a few years earlier. Thank you  Ella for being here for us.

-Terry. D

When i first heard that my brother-in-law was placed in an Assisted Living Facility my heart was burdened. I live in another state and was unable to visit him right away. I felt that his biological family had neglected him and that he was probably not being taken care of in an elderly home. I prayed and spent hours worried about him. When I finally got an opportunity to see my brother in law, I immediately was relieved and rejoiced in seeing +knowing that he had been received into Extending Lovable Living Assistance not as a resident , but as an extended family. When I saw him he was kept very well. In fact he was kept better than when he was living in his own home. I've never seen a home, especially one that takes care of the elderly in an immaculate state. Extending Lovable Living Assistance is the first. I commend them. This place is a hidden jewel. Its my family's treasure for safe heaven and peace.